Hi, While working with the TermUnits enum, we encountered some existing core processors that utilize values not included in the current spec. Specifically, “SemiMonthly”. Is it correct that Closed Enums can only be extended by updates to the published spec? What is the process for submitting enhancement requests to NACHA? Thank you, M.
Submitted by RickDuVall on January 08, 2020 Permalink

Yes, adding values to a Closed Enum requires a spec (BMS) update. As for a process, we would need an email from you with the specifics of the request.

Marc, I'm also going to be posting answers to your other questions. Once you have the time to review the answers, Deb Canale (author of the answers) and myself would like to have a phone call with to get additional information and see if you have any further questions or comments.