Who are the API's targeted at, and in what context are they supposed to be used?

Hello all! Due to the new Nacha regulations around requiring business to implement a best-effort attempt at validating bank accounts for ACH transactions, I was directed to look into Afinis as an option for accomplishing that. Everything set up fine, API keys, etc. but if I tried to plug in any sort of  'real' bank account number/routing information (from myself, in this example), the API's for Creditor and Debtor account validation always return a 404 not found. Am I misunderstanding what the purpose of Afinis as an API product are for?      Thanks in advance for any clarification/help :)      -William       Edit: A few additional details:  I work for a FinTech Payment Processor, and our customers are businesses who collect payments from individuals. I am attempting to integrate these API's (account validation specifically) in order to check the validity of any new/existing individual bank accounts.    
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Hi William,

The Afinis sandbox only contains test data, so “real” data will not work in it.  The API has been tested during a proof of concept period with a financial institution, but the account validation API is not currently in production at any financial institution.  Thanks and feel free to reach out to me directly at klevin@nacha.org if you have additional questions.