Access to the OpenAPI Spec

Hello, Is there a way to get access to the OpenAPI spec document? It would be nice to feed that into the OpenAPI generator tools that are available to stub out a new project. Thanks!
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Hi Brian,

We share the swagger specs for all the API’s developed by Afinis. You can access the Swagger specs by following below steps.

  • Login to Afinis
  • Navigate to API Catalog menu on top right
  • You will be navigated to list of all API’s
  • Click/Select the API
  • You will be navigated to a page with list of all API endpoints for the selected API.
  • Select the API endpoint
  • Click on the link for Swagger Specification which will provide the YAML file to generate the code.

See example below for the ACH Payment Initiation (Debit) API


ACH Payments Debit

ACH Payment Credit.

Technical documentation link

Swagger Specifications link

STATUS: Candidate Recommendation

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Actually that swagger spec link is not entirely helpful. It brings me to the swagger hub page, but there are no links on the page to access the yaml file. I did find this documentation on swaggerhub in order to deduce the URL I needed to find the downloadable spec. Which turned out to be this page here: